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December 2017
Valentin Rozman
16.12.2017 19:27 (pred 21 urami)

Physical Aggression and Practical Support - Relationship Success Support « EQAFE

At what point does having patience and being forgiving of another cross the line into us becoming an enabler for abusive or destructive behaviour? Continuing from previous recordings - this interview discusses our equal responsibility in behaviours of abuse and aggression whether we physically act it out or not. How are we equally responsible for being on the receiving end of this kind of...
Valentin Rozman
15.12.2017 20:07 (pred 2 dnevi)

Have you been trying to get yourself into shape, or have you been self-shaping? What were the first things that Sunette worked with when it came to the concept of shaping a healthy lifestyle?

Shaping Self, Or Self Shaping? - YouTube

Have you been trying to get yourself into shape, or have you been self shaping? What were the first things that Sunette worked with when it came to the conce...
Valentin Rozman
15.12.2017 19:55 (pred 2 dnevi)

Monsters Born From Comparison - Reptilians - Part 582 « EQAFE

Have you ever found yourself being angry, spiteful, and resentful toward yourself and others, only to one day wake up and ask How did I get here? How did I become this monster? How do we end up becoming monsters toward ourselves and other people because of judgement or comparison? How do we go from a point of envy or comparison to becoming deliberately spiteful and... well... evil? Anu...
Valentin Rozman
15.12.2017 09:29 (pred 2 dnevi)

How to simulatenously BE STILL and RUN! - YouTube

Inspired by a friend of mine, sharing how I've come to learn the difference between running with time - rather than my emotional relationship with time in my...
Valentin Rozman
14.12.2017 21:10 (pred 3 dnevi)

I am inviting you to watch a recording of the live Earth Nation ‘11th Self-Perfection Workshop’ hosted by me today. The topic for this session was: Power of Self-Forgiveness.

11th Self Perfection Workshop: Power of Self-Forgiveness - YouTube

This is a recording of the live ‘11nd Self-Perfection Workshop’ hosted by Valentin Rozman on Thursday, December 14th, 2017 at 11 AM PST (19:00 CST / 20:00 SA...
Valentin Rozman
14.12.2017 21:04 (pred 3 dnevi)

Interview Request - How to Ground Positive and Negative Energy « EQAFE

When we are in a state of positive or negative energy we can sometimes create unintended consequences for ourselves. We can find ourselves in conflict with others who resist our positive or negative energy, and we may feel as if we are not on stable footing or that we are being misunderstood. How can self tuning, through self-forgiveness, assist and support us to stabilize who we are and to ...
Valentin Rozman
14.12.2017 12:48 (pred 3 dnevi)

What does it mean to be a brother or a sister to somebody? Could the ideas and beliefs we have about words such as "brother" and "sister" actually be hindering us from developing the kinds of relationships we would like with our siblings, or with people outside of our family whom we feel close with and would like to have as an extended brother or sister?

Redefining the Brother and Sister Dynamic - YouTube

What does it mean to be a brother or a sister to somebody? Could the ideas and beliefs we have about words such as "brother" and "sister" actually be hinderi...
Valentin Rozman
14.12.2017 12:39 (pred 3 dnevi)

Interview Request - What Speaking Loudly Hides Within « EQAFE

Have you ever found yourself being at a 10 when the rest of the room was at a 6? Continuing from the previous interview, delve into why we sometimes overexpress, or come off as being too forceful or even inconsiderate when expressing ourselves. What is this loud expression of ours hiding about who we are and our starting point within wanting to express? Could our attempt at expression ...
Valentin Rozman
14.12.2017 12:36 (pred 3 dnevi)

Noise and Isolation Practical Support - Quantum Systemization - Part 163 « EQAFE

What are some of the consequences of prolonged isolation that results from behaviour such as always wearing headphones, minimizing contact with others and with the environment, and shutting out from the world around you? What are some practical steps you can take to prevent too much isolation and to increase mental stimulation? How can we support ourselves to remain present, grounded, and...
Valentin Rozman
11.12.2017 22:49 (pred 6 dnevi)

Carrying Old Conflict into New Situations - Quantum Mind Self Awareness « EQAFE

Have you ever found yourself walking into a room or into a new situation with people, but a part of you is still busy struggling and wresting with reactions, backchat, and things you've been holding on to that have nothing to do with where you are and who you are with? This is a discussion of a real time case study of holding on to internal struggle and being less than who we can be in the m...
Valentin Rozman
10.12.2017 19:26 (Dec 10, 2017)

Interview Request - Voicing Yourself Out Loud « EQAFE

Can voicing yourself sometimes be taken a bit too far? What is the balance between expression and coming across as being overbearing or inconsiderate? In this interview, explore how we can become more aware of who we are within our expression and why it is not about how loud our voice is or what we say necessarily, but rather who we are within our expression that often makes the biggest d...
Valentin Rozman
09.12.2017 19:38 (Dec 09, 2017)

How Sensing Distant Conversations Worked - The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events - Part 49 &

How was it possible in the past for some to be able to pick up on and hear conversations from faraway places or distant times? Is information about reality stored in the very substance of matter itself, and how were people able to read this information? Are these abilities still possible today?
Valentin Rozman
08.12.2017 14:55 (Dec 08, 2017)

What is a healthy self-style, and what does it mean to shape it? Sunette shares how in the very words “health”, “self”, and “style” so many of us already have particular ideas and beliefs about what those words mean and how we are defined by them.

Shaping a Healthy Self Style - YouTube

Valentin Rozman
08.12.2017 14:13 (Dec 08, 2017)

Real Time Redefining Self Respect - The Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 113 « EQAFE

What prevents us from unconditionally exploring something that we have no experience with? This interview is a practical example of unconditionally opening up and exploring a word or topic without having any prior knowledge or preparation - in this case, Jesus and another Destonian share their perspectives on self-respect. What can we discover from the tone of the word respect when we spe...
Valentin Rozman
07.12.2017 23:20 (Dec 07, 2017)

This is a recording of the live ‘10th Self-Perfection Workshop’ hosted by Valentin Rozman on Thursday, December 7th, 2017 at 11 AM PST. The topic for this session was: Facing Gossip.

10th Self-Perfection Workshop: Facing Gossip - YouTube

This is a recording of the live ‘10th Self-Perfection Workshop’ hosted by Valentin Rozman on Thursday, December 7th, 2017 at 11 AM PST (19:00 CST / 20:00 SA)...
Valentin Rozman
07.12.2017 21:19 (Dec 07, 2017)

From Reacting to Noise to Self Isolation - Quantum Systemization - Part 162 « EQAFE

How can something as simple as wanting to reduce noise lead to developing a pattern of self isolation? What happens when we filter out too much of what's real and begin to slowly but surely lose touch with ourselves and others in our environment? What are the consequences that can come from prolonged isolation and resistance toward the people, noises, and businesses around us?
Valentin Rozman
06.12.2017 18:25 (Dec 06, 2017)

Interview Request - Equalizing to Language « EQAFE

What role does language play in terms of contributing to our personalities, ways of looking at things, or even our physical design throughout generations? How can we better support ourselves practically when feeling inadequate due to our skills in a particular language, and how do we identify some of the factors that can cause us to make language skill personal and emotional rather than prac...
Valentin Rozman
06.12.2017 17:04 (Dec 06, 2017)

Hearing Conversations - The Quantum Mechanics of Paranormal Events - Part 48 « EQAFE

What are the factors that contribute to people having experiences of hearing voices or conversations that are too clear to be purely their imagination? Is it possible for some to be picking up actual conversations from faraway places, or are these experiences something else entirely?
Valentin Rozman
04.12.2017 20:09 (Dec 04, 2017)

Relationships and Emotional Aggression - Relationship Success Support « EQAFE

At what point do we have to draw a line with what is acceptable and what is not within our relationships, personal environment, and who we are within it all? Why is it not a solution to continue allowing unacceptable behaviour in others - and what consequences is this creating for us and for them? This interview discusses in detail these and other questions of how to know when you need t...
Valentin Rozman
03.12.2017 18:12 (Dec 03, 2017)

Interview Request - Unconscious Effects of Reacting to Language « EQAFE

Could the way we feel about ourselves when using one language or another be creating a barrier of resistance that we are not consciously aware of? This interview shares how we prevent ourselves from fully integrating a language due to suppressed memories, preferences toward certain sounds and grammar structures, or the way we experience ourselves within the various languages we speak or are ...


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