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Maj 2018
Valentin Rozman
23.05.2018 20:27 (pred 2 dnevi)

Resisting Sex and Communication - Relationship Success Support « EQAFE

How can you find a balance within sexual expression in your relationship when one partner is wanting it and not getting it, and the other is resisting it and not looking forward to it? How does communication play a part here and what can couples do to re-establish that sense of connection and intimacy instead of falling into the extremes of resistance and resentfulness or frustration and de...
Valentin Rozman
23.05.2018 20:26 (pred 2 dnevi)

Reoccurring Rashes on Skin - Quantum Physical « EQAFE

When we find ourselves in a situation where we feel out of place, or when our expectations clash with reality, we may experience physical symptoms that try to release the accumulated emotional and mental energies that we've been carrying and are no longer serving us. In this case study, we explore the symptom of recurring rashes on a person's chest and how various projections, expectations, ...
Valentin Rozman
23.05.2018 20:26 (pred 2 dnevi)

How We Decided to Make Change Real - Reptilians - Part 601 « EQAFE

What did it take for an entire existence to give up their comfort zones, secrets, and self interest in order to unite and commit to changing the way we live so that everyone benefits? Where was the line in the existential sand that marked the point of no return and a full commitment to changing existence? Anu shares the main points that beings in the afterlife realized, and the lessons th...
Valentin Rozman
23.05.2018 20:25 (pred 2 dnevi)

Living the Sound of Equality - Atlanteans - Part 495 « EQAFE

What is the Sound of Equality, and how did the creators of existence use it to create the world and reality that we now know? What would happen if you tapped into the very source of our creation and started to live the sound of equality in your life? What would that look like and how would you even go about doing it?
Valentin Rozman
23.05.2018 20:25 (pred 2 dnevi)

Why Do I Stare - Quantum Mind Self Awareness « EQAFE

Why do some people zone out, or go into a blank stare when they are thinking about something - as though they are momentarily checked out from reality? Why and how does this happen, and what is the difference between thinking or getting lost in thoughts, and looking with awareness?
Valentin Rozman
20.05.2018 21:20 (pred 5 dnevi)

When Another Is Always Offended By My Words and Actions - Relationship Success Support « E

What can we learn about ourselves when it seems like the person we are trying to support is always reacting and taking what we say and do personally, or being very resistant toward us? What does real support mean when it comes to the people we want to help? In this recording, discover how personal responsibility must always come first before trying to assist or support others, and how our ow...
Valentin Rozman
20.05.2018 08:10 (pred 5 dnevi)

Interview Request - Body Fat Conclusion « EQAFE

How did our dimensional history influence the way human bodies developed on earth, and what can we learn from this history in terms of our current relationship with our bodies? Discover how patterns of elite and poor that manifested across history affected the development of human bodies, as well as how food, money, and consciousness each play significant roles in how our bodies adapt and de...
Valentin Rozman
18.05.2018 22:27 (May 18, 2018)

Interview Request - Redefining Body Fat « EQAFE

What you resist persists - and this applies as well to things like body fat and wanting to stop gaining weight. So how can we begin to change our relationship to body fat, and learn to work with our bodies instead of against them? This recording explores the practical daily steps to redefine body fat, as well as the various things that contribute to weight gain and why our reactions and judg...
Valentin Rozman
17.05.2018 20:15 (May 17, 2018)

Interview Request - Body Fat Around the Waist (Part 1) « EQAFE

This recording addresses the following request: *Stubborn body fat I have around my waist and hips area I never had in high school that I just can't seem to get rid of. I don't understand this.*   *Q. Is this just me being at worry wart, being at war with myself and not fully accepting my supportive body that needs this extra fat stored around my waist and hips or showing me I have more wr...
Valentin Rozman
16.05.2018 20:45 (May 16, 2018)

Interview Request - Organ Transplants and Natural Healing « EQAFE

Is our natural ability to heal our bodies limited, or has it been suppressed by things we are not yet fully aware of? What are the main factors that contributed to the slowing down and limiting of our healing ability, and what can we do now in our present day form to best support our health inside and out?
Valentin Rozman
15.05.2018 22:35 (May 15, 2018)

Interview Request - Organ Transplants « EQAFE

What is the multidimensional perspective of organ transplants? Is it an effective way to support what is best for everyone? What is the physical body's perspective of receiving transplanted organs? These and other questions are explored in this interview request.
Valentin Rozman
15.05.2018 08:41 (May 15, 2018)

From Complaining to Coming to Solutions - Quantum Mind Self Awareness « EQAFE

Why do we so often get stuck in our problems and trying to figure out why things went wrong instead of looking for and acting on solutions? In this recording, we explore practical methods for getting ourselves unstuck when we are facing challenges in our lives, so that instead of complaining about the things that don't work, we start developing the solutions ourselves.
Valentin Rozman
13.05.2018 14:21 (May 13, 2018)

Menstrual Mood Swings - Quantum Physical « EQAFE

What are the dimensional and historical factors that contribute to the experience of mood swings during a woman's menstrual cycle? Why do women have different, individual experiences of menstrual pain and mood swings, and how has menstruation throughout human civilization shaped the experience of mood swings and relationships between men and women?
Valentin Rozman
12.05.2018 20:17 (May 12, 2018)

Menstrual Cramping - Quantum Physical « EQAFE

What can men and women learn about menstrual pain and how it effects a person physically, emotionally, and mentally? Why and how do emotional reactions or judgments toward menstruation contribute to someone's experience of it? What can partners in a relationship do to better understand and work with the experience of menstrual cramping, instead of reacting to them emotionally or judging t...
Valentin Rozman
10.05.2018 20:47 (May 10, 2018)

Interview Request - Existential History of Remote Viewing and Clairvoyance « EQAFE

How did remote viewing and having the ability to see directly into existence originate, and how were those abilities later subdued and controlled throughout the creation and development of humanity? Are those who have these abilities now more special than others who don't, and are those without such abilities not living up to their full potential? What do these abilities mean in the conte...
Valentin Rozman
09.05.2018 21:52 (May 09, 2018)

Interview Request - Remote Viewing, Clairvoyance, and Seeing the Future « EQAFE

Can anyone learn to develop abilities such as remote viewing, clairvoyance, or special abilities that enable them to see the future or predict events, and if so, are these abilities something everyone should be developing? Why do some seem to be people gifted and naturally inclined to develop these abilities while others are not, and what can we learn from the dispositions people have toward...
Valentin Rozman
08.05.2018 21:21 (May 08, 2018)

The History and Purpose of Sleep - Reptilians - Part 599 « EQAFE

What role does sleep play in our lives now compared to the very beginning of human life on earth? Has the function and purpose of sleep changed in ways that we have not been aware of, and could understanding those changes help us establish a better, healthier relationship toward sleep in our lives? Marduk reveals the design and purpose of sleep as it had been intended since the very begin...
Valentin Rozman
08.05.2018 09:17 (May 08, 2018)

What Your Mind Doesn't Want You to Know About Fear of Authority - Life Review « EQ

Are you ready to stop fearing authority and start living your life as though authority was something that you could see through and understand instead of fear and resist? Is it really authority that you fear, or could it be that those feelings of insecurity, inferiority, and powerlessness in the face of authority figures is rooted in something else that you are not yet aware of, but would ch...
Valentin Rozman
06.05.2018 21:17 (May 06, 2018)

What Drives Smoking and Food Addiction - Quantum Physical « EQAFE

What do our addictions reveal about us? Is it the smoking or the eating that is the problem, or is there something else that drives us to use smoking or eating as a way to suppress and hide from the things we do not want to face? Could the reasons for why we turn to substances or behaviors have more to do with our starting point, rather than with the actual substances or behaviors?
Valentin Rozman
05.05.2018 20:59 (May 05, 2018)

Stomach Flu: Understanding and Practical Support - The Future of Awareness - Part 98 « EQA

How can viruses and diseases support us on deeper levels that we are not aware of, despite feeling sick and physically unwell? What would you say to viruses and diseases if you had the ability to talk to them while they were in your body? Sunette shares her personal experiences with viruses and illnesses as well as what she has learned when it comes to the role that sickness plays in our liv...


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