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Januar 2018
Valentin Rozman
18.01.2018 19:50 (pred 1 dnevi)

Who and Where I am in Existence - Kryon: My Existential History « EQAFE

Kryon shares through the Portal where he is and what he is currently busy with in existence. Why is it that he has not done any channelling through other beings since the opening of the Portal? What has Kryon been working on and how do his actions contribute to the greater process for all? Discover the answer in this recording.
Valentin Rozman
18.01.2018 00:41 (pred 2 dnevi)

Stomach Processing Practical Support - What Matters in Matter « EQAFE

Our bodies are capable of processing so many things for us that we rarely need to worry about it. But when we begin to add on emotional and energetic issues that we continuously suppress, we put extra pressure on our bodies to process and release the things that we are holding on to on an emotional level. What are some of the practical steps we can take to start working with and releasing th...
Valentin Rozman
16.01.2018 19:47 (pred 3 dnevi)

Watch this new video by Suzan Spies speaking about how discovering the creative and healing potential of redefining and living words is a very empowering experience that we may feel tempted to share and do with others.

Self Creation and Self Healing - YouTube

Discovering the creative and healing potential of redefining and living words is a very empowering experience that we may feel tempted to share and do with o...
Valentin Rozman
16.01.2018 19:36 (pred 3 dnevi)

Stomach Processing Problems - What Matters in Matter « EQAFE

Processing and releasing are things that are attributed to our digestive systems, but have we considered our responsibility when it comes to processing and releasing memories and suppressed emotions? Discover in this recording what stomach related issues may be indicating in terms of long term emotional suppression, and how that can lead to chronic physical symptoms and illnesses.
Valentin Rozman
15.01.2018 20:01 (pred 4 dnevi)

Stiff Neck Practical Support - What Matters in Matter « EQAFE

Have you been coping with, putting up with, and tolerating things in your life that have been problematic? And if so, when was the last time you reached out for help or actively sought out support or solutions? To what degree are we still accepting and allowing things within ourselves instead of changing and pushing ourselves to be more, do more, and grow? Continuing from the previous int...
Valentin Rozman
15.01.2018 20:00 (pred 4 dnevi)

Stiff Neck - What Matters in Matter « EQAFE

Feeling stuck? Lost? Tied down with no options or solutions in sight? What does having a stiff neck show us about the internal conflicts and patterns that we are not effectively dealing with? How is having a stiff neck associated with feelings of being stuck, lost, or tied down without seeing any solution, and what are the practical points that we are missing?
Valentin Rozman
13.01.2018 19:40 (pred 6 dnevi)

When Relationships Do More Harm than Good - Relationship Success Support « EQAFE

How much of yourself are you willing to give up out of fear of loss or fear of loneliness? At what point do we need to re-evaluate a relationship that has brought us more harm than good? Is the turmoil, conflict, and constant instability worth the few good moments in between? What does this say about who we are and the degree to which we are allowing abuse by holding on to something that onl...
Valentin Rozman
13.01.2018 19:39 (pred 6 dnevi)

What You Allow to be Done to You Reflects Who You Are - Relationship Success Support « EQA

A relationship can be something that brings out the best parts of us, while at the same time helps us to better face our own weaknesses. But if a relationship is creating the opposite effect and we are more and more slipping away from our potential - that is a sign that we need to reassess what we are accepting and allowing both from ourselves and from those in our life. Why do we create con...
Valentin Rozman
13.01.2018 18:46 (pred 6 dnevi)

What I Want vs. What is Best - YouTube

What I want vs. What is best This is a video series Joe and I started walking in 2016 and continuing with in this year (today I did videos sharing how I see ...
Valentin Rozman
13.01.2018 11:44 (Jan 13, 2018)

You are welcome to watch additional video from Suzan Spies sharing her experience with tasting and experiencing the food where memories and emotional reactions can get in the way of the enjoyment:

Food and Past Memories (Part 2) - YouTube

Are you really tasting and experiencing the food you eat, or are memories and emotional reactions getting in the way of your enjoyment? Continuing from the p...
Valentin Rozman
11.01.2018 20:23 (Jan 11, 2018)

Warning Signs of Irregular Sleep Patterns - Quantum Physical « EQAFE

Having consistently irregular sleep patterns can be a warning sign of other issues that have been building in our lives. How do we begin to assess what these warning signs are indicating and what aspects of our day to day living we need to start paying attention to before things potentially become worse? How does the physical body change over time due to our relationship with stress, anxi...
Valentin Rozman
10.01.2018 18:41 (Jan 10, 2018)

No Rest for the Wicked - Quantum Physical « EQAFE

What are some of the factors that contribute to not being able to sleep, or having trouble maintaining a good balance of sleep? To what extent is this inability to rest connected to the physical, and at what point should we consider using things such as sleep supplements and medications? Are there factors other than the physical that also need to be considered? In this case study we di...
Valentin Rozman
09.01.2018 18:49 (Jan 09, 2018)

Chest as Source of Awareness - What Matters in Matter « EQAFE

When we notice ourselves drifting off into our minds or when we find ourselves in a pattern of reaction or suppression, we often experience a tightness or shifting of energy in the chest. What else can we learn about the chest as a source of self awareness? What can we discover about the sensitivity of our chest area when having a cross reference for where we are within ourselves? In what...
Valentin Rozman
08.01.2018 21:06 (Jan 08, 2018)

Chest and Throat Reactions - What Matters in Matter « EQAFE

Why do some people experience physical symptoms such as coughing or tingling sensations in the chest and lung area when listening to a conversation? How can reactions that come up within us while listening to others trigger these physical symptoms, and what can we do to become more aware of the moments where we suppress ourselves or subconsciously tune out when we hear something that might a...
Valentin Rozman
07.01.2018 19:40 (Jan 07, 2018)

Where I Am - Reptilians - Part 589 « EQAFE

When asked the question where are you? we often think about our location and our environment. We seldom consider that where we are is an extension of who we are, our relationship with ourselves and others, and what processes we are busy walking. In this recording, Anu shares his perspective of what it means to be more than just at a location in space and time as well as what insights, discov...
Valentin Rozman
06.01.2018 18:48 (Jan 06, 2018)

My Advice - Reptilians - Part 588 « EQAFE

Anu shares a personal update on his process thus far - where he's been, what he's discovered, and how he faces points of consequence while at the same time working toward the potential of life that is here for all. What practical considerations apply in our daily lives as our manifested consequences begin to come through more and more in time to come - and how do we ensure that we do not get...
Valentin Rozman
05.01.2018 22:03 (Jan 05, 2018)

Why do we like or dislike particular foods based on how we feel about them on an emotional level? Why do we have food preferences that are not actually based on our ability to appreciate and enjoy the food, but rather based on our memories and experiences from the past?

Food and Past Memories - YouTube

Why do we like or dislike particular foods based on how we feel about them on an emotional level? Why do we have food preferences that are not actually based...
Valentin Rozman
05.01.2018 21:31 (Jan 05, 2018)

I am My Own Maker - Reptilians - Part 587 « EQAFE

Will this year be the start of a new phase in process? Will we receive any support or communication from beings other than through the Portal? What are the key points to keep in mind for ourselves as we gear up to face our manifested consequences more intensely than ever before? Describing and sharing in the way that only he can, Anu discusses the major highlights of the year to come as w...
Valentin Rozman
03.01.2018 19:56 (Jan 03, 2018)

Then, Now, and What's to Come - Reptilians - Part 585 « EQAFE

Do the beings in the dimensions still play a role within the process of life? Are the channelled messages that are coming through currently still pre-programmed, or are the beings that are channelling now sharing something different? What can we expect in the road ahead in terms of our personal process, our daily struggles and challenges, and the various changes that have been happening with...
Valentin Rozman
03.01.2018 14:40 (Jan 03, 2018)

Some people think that the suffering in this world comes from the limitations of this 3D physical manifested reality and that we just need to transcend or escape it into 5D or higher dimension or frequency of existence. Here is my perspective on that:



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