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Junij 2017
Valentin Rozman
22.06.2017 22:33 (pred 12 urami)

My Life of Absolutism (Part 3) - Life Review « EQAFE

How do statements such as I will never ever often create more limitation than actual self discipline and growth? Why do we so often become the very things we resist most? Continuing from a previous interview, a being from the afterlife shares their experience of absolutism during their life on earth, and what lessons we can learn from their realizations.
Valentin Rozman
21.06.2017 20:33 (pred 2 dnevi)

My Life of Absolutism (Part 2) - Life Review « EQAFE

What is the real fear that is behind statements such as I will never, ever and the various absolutes we set for ourselves in life? Is the fear that we are holding onto and trying to protect ourselves from really worth missing out on so many opportunities in life?
Valentin Rozman
20.06.2017 19:09 (pred 3 dnevi)

My Life of Absolutism - Life Review « EQAFE

Often we can make an absolute condition for ourselves as a way to become stronger and willful, but how often do we stop and consider whether or not these absolute conditions we set for ourselves are in fact supporting us to grow, or becoming a limitation that we impose on ourselves and our living potential? A being from the afterlife shares their experience of absolutism and how he only late...
Valentin Rozman
20.06.2017 19:08 (pred 3 dnevi)

Judging My Body « EQAFE

Do the judgments we have about our bodies reflect the way we judge everything else in our lives? How do the judgments we have toward our bodies reflect who we are as the nature of our minds? In this interview Sunette shares some deeper dimensions of how to use judgments of our bodies as a mirror to see where else in our lives and relationships we are participating in similar judgments wit...
Valentin Rozman
19.06.2017 07:39 (pred 4 dnevi)

Projections Prevent Potential « EQAFE

How do the accepted ideas and beliefs we have about ourselves right now prevent us from being able to change, grow, and expand? Sunette shares a personal experience of letting go of her self beliefs and comparisons, and how this became a point of transformation.
Valentin Rozman
17.06.2017 09:32 (pred 6 dnevi)

Day 61: No one understands me - YouTube

Do you have a feeling that others do not understand you? We might think that we give others complete opportunity to know who we are but actually we are hidin...
Valentin Rozman
17.06.2017 08:57 (pred 6 dnevi)

Hitting a Wall « EQAFE

Why is it that despite the time we put in to planning, organizing, and preparing for a certain task - we still sometimes end up feeling like we hit a wall and are just drawing a blank? Sunette shares her experience of facing this point and what she was able to see, realize, and learn from that moment of drawing a blank despite having so many things to share and talk about - and how these mom...
Valentin Rozman
16.06.2017 07:59 (Jun 16, 2017)

Are you a struggling artist? - YouTube

Some want to become and artist and create drawings, paintings, sculptures or similar creative expressions. They might think that going into art schools will ...
Valentin Rozman
16.06.2017 07:17 (Jun 16, 2017)

Change without to Change within - Quantum Systemization - Part 157 « EQAFE

How can changing the way we live or do things on the outside go hand in hand with changing our inner realities and patterns? In this interview, discover how embodying and living words within what we do in our daily lives can come through in something as simple as daily exercise.
Valentin Rozman
14.06.2017 17:38 (Jun 14, 2017)

Principled Living - The Story of Leslie John - Part 4 « EQAFE

What did demons look like, and how did they interact with people on earth who were not aware of them? Were demons really able to possess people? What did demons look like and why were they here? LJ shares his experience working with demons and how he was able to support them.
Valentin Rozman
13.06.2017 22:57 (Jun 13, 2017)

Holding Back and Imprisoning My Life - Life Review « EQAFE

Why do we still hold back and suppress ourselves even though we know that we are fully responsible for the life that we live and the future we create? A being from the afterlife shares their personal experience of suppressing themselves and holding onto the turmoil of past mistakes, while waiting for something to show them the way or be a catalyst for them - only to discover later in life th...
Valentin Rozman
12.06.2017 21:36 (Jun 12, 2017)

Warlord testimonial beyond the grave - YouTube

There have been many warlords that believed in the cause and war as the best way to achieve some agenda. Some had certain karisma that made other people foll...
Valentin Rozman
12.06.2017 21:09 (Jun 12, 2017)

What Are You Waiting For? - Reptilians - Part 564 « EQAFE

Anu asks some deep and challenging questions in this interview that expand on the principle of being the creator of what matters to you, and reveals the tendency of people to settle for less than their utmost potential in not just some moments throughout the day, but as a constant and consistent living. What would change if you stopped settling for just a few moments of self awareness and se...
Valentin Rozman
12.06.2017 21:08 (Jun 12, 2017)

Maker of Matter Practical - Reptilians - Part 563 « EQAFE

What does it mean to be the maker of what matters to you? How can we start to become the maker of what matters to us instead of only being observers in our lives? In this interview the Reptilians reveal the various ways in which we settle for lesser versions of our potential selves instead of really creating who we are in each moment, and why continuing to accept this pattern will only en...
Valentin Rozman
11.06.2017 21:19 (Jun 11, 2017)

Work and nothing but work - YouTube

Are you too obsessed with work, experiencing some kind of workaholism that makes you depressed and without energy? You might want to listen to Eqafe audio po...
Valentin Rozman
10.06.2017 23:02 (Jun 10, 2017)

Redefining the Clown - The Consciousness of the Orange Clownfish - Part 2 « EQAFE

What does it mean to embody a word? How can we incorporate the feel, the sound, and the essence of words when looking at how to live and embody them in our living? The Orange Clownfish continues from the previous interview and expands on the creative process of living words, and shares a real-time example of redefining and living the word clown.
Valentin Rozman
10.06.2017 11:44 (Jun 10, 2017)

The Maker of Matter - Reptilians - Part 562 « EQAFE

Why is it that, despite having the tools and the awareness of how to create ourselves, we still tend to use our creative power to find ways of not changing, not expanding, not substantiating ourselves? In this interview Anu challenges us by having a look at how we create patterns of problems instead of solutions.
Valentin Rozman
09.06.2017 10:16 (Jun 09, 2017)

The Simplicity of Taste - The Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 107 « EQAFE

Are you really tasting the food you eat? We are always living words, but often we are not aware of the words we are living. So how can something as simple as eating food become an opportunity for us to discover the creative authority of ourselves? What can we discover about ourselves in having a look at who and where we are within our lives and daily routines?
Valentin Rozman
08.06.2017 07:17 (Jun 08, 2017)

Sharing a recent QCK session with... - Quantum Change Kinesiology

Sharing a recent QCK session with someone in relation to a pain in their shoulder. QCK assists with uncovering the deeper "metaphysical" significance of such issues like pain in the body. Sign up for...
Valentin Rozman
07.06.2017 20:11 (Jun 07, 2017)

The Consciousness of the Orange Clownfish « EQAFE

An Orange Clownfish shares its experience with life, expression, and a key to understanding how to feel the life and essence of the words we want to live, and bring that essence through in our movement and day to day living. What does it mean to rebirth yourself as the words that you live? Could this be the key to living words that so many have been missing?


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