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Avgust 2017
Valentin Rozman
21.08.2017 21:40 (pred 6 urami)

Parent and Child Communication - Perfecting the Human Race - Parenting - Part 80 « EQAFE

Children often need people to talk to and open up with but seldom do children and parents truly communicate openly with each other. How can it be that the people who should most be here to support children are rarely able to establish an intimate and trustworthy communication with them? Destonians discuss various dimensions that can get in the way of establishing a relationship of trust and ...
Valentin Rozman
21.08.2017 21:40 (pred 6 urami)

Children and Isolation - Perfecting the Human Race - Parenting - Part 79 « EQAFE

When a child begins to spend more time by themselves in isolation rather than with other children, how can we tell when we should step in and when we should allow them to have their space? Destonians on the farm discuss this dimension and discover what contributes to children wanting to have time alone with themselves, and how to tell when the isolation is based on fear or avoidance rather t...
Valentin Rozman
19.08.2017 08:08 (pred 3 dnevi)

Comparing My Relationship with Others - YouTube

Whether we are in a relationship or single, we often compare ourselves to the relationships we see other people having and sometimes we are left feeling like...
Valentin Rozman
19.08.2017 08:05 (pred 3 dnevi)

Senility and Stress Practical Support - Psychological & Physical Disorders « EQAFE

What is the reality of stress? What is the difference between practical reality based stress, and emotionally charged and personal stress? Could it be that stress in itself is not inherently a bad or negative thing? Why do we experience pain in association to the stress that exists in this reality at all times? What is it about stress that contributes to having breakdowns, burnouts, and ment...
Valentin Rozman
17.08.2017 21:25 (pred 4 dnevi)

Senility, Dementia, and Alzheimer's (Part 2) - Psychological & Physical Disorders &a

Are you dealing with stress practically and effectively without losing yourself in it? Or has stress become something that takes over and leaves you feeling drained, apathetic, and deflated? What are some of the consequences that can result from prolonged emotional stress and inner turmoil? How does our ability to function and perform in our daily lives begin to diminish the longer we par...
Valentin Rozman
16.08.2017 19:46 (pred 5 dnevi)

Take a look at the latest Desteni eMag

Desteni eMag - Issue 3 - 2017.pdf - Google Drive

Valentin Rozman
15.08.2017 21:13 (pred 6 dnevi)

What Does It Mean To Finish Your Process - Reptilians - Part 570 « EQAFE

How do we know when we have finished our process? How can we tell if process is really making an impact in reality and by what do we measure this progress? How was Bernard able to see what he saw, and what was his understanding at the time while he was alive? What have we learned since his passing away, and what does finishing one's process mean now? Anu shares with Destonians on the farm...
Valentin Rozman
15.08.2017 17:32 (pred 6 dnevi)

Day 62: Perents who want kids to never leave their home - YouTube

Were your parents very possessive? Did they not want you to leave their home when you grow up? You are not the only one since many parents become too attache...
Valentin Rozman
15.08.2017 17:05 (pred 6 dnevi)

Brand new Desteni TV content out today - Check out "Self-Forgiveness and Responsibility" Starring Gian Robberts

DTV - Self Forgiveness and... - Destonians - Guardians of the Universe

DTV - Self Forgiveness and Responsibility What does self-forgiveness look like when it is real? What does it mean to live the self-forgiveness that we write and speak? Find out in this episode of...
Valentin Rozman
14.08.2017 21:59 (Aug 14, 2017)

Breath and Being Here Moment by Moment - What Matters in Matter « EQAFE

What does it practically mean to live breath by breath, moment by moment? How can this be utilized when we live busy lives and cannot always be aware of our breathing? What has been missed within this technique that so many have not considered? In this recording, discover some deeper dimensions and considerations when it comes to why breathing and living moment by moment is suggested - but a...
Valentin Rozman
14.08.2017 21:58 (Aug 14, 2017)

Self Bullying and Self Hatred Part 2 - Atlanteans - Part 474 « EQAFE

The Atlanteans discuss with Destonians how self bullying, self judgment, and self-hatred are things that do not just happen suddenly but are consequences of accumulation over a period of time. Is it possible to change our pattern of self bullying and self hatred into a relationship of self support?
Valentin Rozman
13.08.2017 20:59 (Aug 13, 2017)

Debunking Self Beliefs - Back to Basics « EQAFE

Are you creating a life of fear and limitation based only on a story you are telling yourself? Self beliefs have an incredible amount of influence on the lives we live and the opportunities we create. In this recording Destonians discuss and share various self beliefs and how easily they can be debunked when their validity is questioned.
Valentin Rozman
12.08.2017 07:59 (Aug 12, 2017)

Creating a Safe Space for Emotions and Expression - Relationship Success Support « EQAFE

One of the greatest opportunities within relationships and agreements is creating a space for each person to really be free to open up their emotions, fears, and inner conflicts in order to find solutions for themselves and for each other. Whether you are with a partner or single, how can you find ways to work with your emotions and conflicts in order to learn, grow, and expand instead of be...
Valentin Rozman
11.08.2017 07:43 (Aug 11, 2017)

Who Are You When Challenged - The Future of Awareness - Part 91 « EQAFE

Who are you when something that you have defined yourself by is challenged or 'called out'? Do you become resentful, spiteful, or downright nasty? No matter how the reaction came out, most of us can relate to that moment of having our bubble burst and being met with a rude awakening to reality. Bruce Lee through the Portal shares insights with other Destonians on the farm on the topic of who...
Valentin Rozman
11.08.2017 07:43 (Aug 11, 2017)

Introduction to Self Bullying and Self-Hatred - Atlanteans - Part 473 « EQAFE

Being bullied by someone is something we have all experienced in some way, but have you ever considered the ways in which we bully ourselves? A Destonian on the farm opens up her experience of bullying herself and self-hatred wherein she experiences a part of herself as always putting herself down in her backchat and inner conflicts. The Atlanteans provide support and insight into this de...
Valentin Rozman
09.08.2017 09:09 (Aug 09, 2017)

Bruce Lee on Becoming Idle for our Idols - The Future of Awareness - Part 90 « EQAFE

Many of us have idols that we look up to and want to emulate and maybe one day become - but while we are gazing at our idols we ourselves become idle. A Destonian speaking with his idol Bruce Lee through the Portal is shown how the things we look up to and idolize often represent the very things we need to live and be for ourselves, and how we can lose sight of who we are and what we are doi...
Valentin Rozman
08.08.2017 08:18 (Aug 08, 2017)

Exploring the Physical with Bruce Lee - The Future of Awareness - Part 89 « EQAFE

Who would you be if you could meet your idol and have them impart their wisdom onto you? In this recording a Destonian speaks with their long time idol Bruce Lee through the Portal on the deeper side of this martial arts legend that we do not see in media. How did Bruce Lee develop himself to become the icon that he was? What was the actual process he faced that so many are not aware of, and...
Valentin Rozman
07.08.2017 15:55 (Aug 07, 2017)

Za vse, ki želijo biti bolj učinkoviti pri svetovanju

Dan 404: Kako učinkovito pomagati drugim - YouTube

Konfliktni medsebojni odnosi ter slabo počutje vsled čustvenih reakcij nas vodijo na pot samospoznavanja, kjer začnemo ozaveščati svoje lastne miselne in ved...
Valentin Rozman
07.08.2017 09:04 (Aug 07, 2017)

Leadership: Being Able to Work With Everyone - Quantum Mind Self Awareness « EQAFE

Being a leader often means needing to work with a variety of people with varying personalities and ways of doing things. What are some practical points to consider when it comes to how to work with people in a group or project without making things personal, or needing to establish a 'friendship' with them, or have them like you?
Valentin Rozman
05.08.2017 18:58 (Aug 05, 2017)

Leadership: Control Versus Guiding - Quantum Mind Self Awareness « EQAFE

Is leadership about how much authority you have over others, or can it be about developing and guiding others who join you in a way that empowers everyone involved? What does it mean to guide and direct rather than control when in a leadership role?


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