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Marec 2018
Valentin Rozman
18.03.2018 22:48 (pred 3 urami)

Creating Together - The Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 124 « EQAFE

When we put ourselves into something we are creating, it can be difficult to receive criticism, whether constructive or otherwise, from others. A part of us can feel as though we are being judged or attacked. What if we could turn all of the feedback we get from others, positive and negative, into constructive feedback that we will always be able to learn from and appreciate? Destonians d...
Valentin Rozman
17.03.2018 20:22 (pred 1 dnevi)

Bringing Creation into Reality - The Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 123 « EQAFE

Destonians discuss why is it necessary to actually bring our creations and new beginnings into reality and day to day living expression instead of keeping it to ourselves? Why do we need to be vulnerable and willing to take feedback from reality and the people around us? If reality and the feedback that you get can cause you to doubt your words and redefinitions, have you truly embodied that...
Valentin Rozman
17.03.2018 20:21 (pred 1 dnevi)

Living and New Beginnings - The Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 122 « EQAFE

Why do we so often get a spark of life within us but never end up turning it into a flame? Destonians discuss in this interview why we sometimes try to protect an expression of ourselves so much that we can end up stifling it and not allowing it the room to grow and really become a part of who we are.
Valentin Rozman
16.03.2018 09:48 (pred 3 dnevi)

Danes se je za širšo javnost odprl skupinski klepet na prenovljenem socialnem omrežju Destonians. Vsak lahko sedaj ustvari svoj uporabniški račun ter ob sredah in petkih od 20:00 do 21:00 sodeluje pri pogovorih v živo na temo izboljševanja samega sebe ter prebira arhiv preteklih klepetov. Vabljeni vsi, ki vas zanima duhovnost in osebnostna rast, da se pridružite!

Chat | Destonians

We hold group chats every Wednesday and Friday at 21.00 GMT+02:00 to support each other in our individual processes of living the Desteni tools and principles.
Valentin Rozman
15.03.2018 19:05 (pred 3 dnevi)

Realizing My Real Reach - Demons in the Afterlife - Part 79 « EQAFE

Who would you be if you had spent your time in existence exploring every corner of life and reality, only to find that you had always only been an observer on the outside looking in, never actually being a part of existence on a personal level? Mykey shares his experience of having to let go of all the knowledge he had acquired in his time in existence in order to really understand what it m...
Valentin Rozman
14.03.2018 22:24 (pred 4 dnevi)

Comparing Your Reach - Demons in the Afterlife - Part 78 « EQAFE

Do you find yourself comparing the reach or impact you have in this world to others? Do you strive to gain more attention, more followers, more people talking about and sharing what you do? If so, it is time to reassess your starting point and life alignment. Mykey shares his perspective on the tendency to rate ourselves based on how many people's lives we touch and wanting to do as much as ...
Valentin Rozman
11.03.2018 19:18 (Mar 11, 2018)

Superiority of Ego vs. Superior Living of Self - Journeys into the Afterlife - Part 92 « E

What is keeping you from being able to really live the oneness and equality that you understand on a deep level, yet find yourself unable to fully access? Jack continues from his previous recording to share his experience of feeling unworthy and needing to redeem himself before having access to being a part of life within the context of oneness and equality. What were the main points that...
Valentin Rozman
10.03.2018 20:56 (Mar 10, 2018)

Practicing Your Life Signature and Initiating Your Life - Death Research « EQAFE

You know who you are and who you have the potential to become, but for some reason you don't move or act on that knowing unless something tells you it is okay. Who would you be if you no longer needed to wait for those moments of inspiration before taking initiative and engaging in your life? Discover how to stop waiting for and searching for your life signature, and rather start bringing it...
Valentin Rozman
10.03.2018 20:56 (Mar 10, 2018)

Recognizing Your Life Signature - Death Research « EQAFE

How do you know when you are tapping into your life signature and aligning with your being? We've all had those moments where we seem to be in exactly the right place at the right time and know who are in the world and our purpose is - but often these moments don't last because we aren't yet living our life signature. Explore what it means to get in touch with this life signature that has...
Valentin Rozman
10.03.2018 07:57 (Mar 10, 2018)

Eternal Self Discovery with Jack - Journeys into the Afterlife

Valentin Rozman
09.03.2018 20:26 (Mar 09, 2018)

Being My Own Woman - YouTube

Sunette shares her perspective on what it means to be a woman as she reflects on International Women's Day. What does it mean to be a woman or a man in today...
Valentin Rozman
08.03.2018 22:51 (Mar 08, 2018)

I Love my Child and Partner, but Not Myself - Perfecting the Human Race - Parenting - Part 85 &l

#Dissecting the Natural Learning Ability of the Physical. A mother-to-be asks the question: how can she feel so much love and affection toward her unborn child and partner but not the same love for herself? Discover how the depth of love we can feel for others can be equally nurtured and developed for ourselves - and how we are more than capable of giving ourselves as much affection and c...
Valentin Rozman
07.03.2018 20:42 (Mar 07, 2018)

Seeing the More in Myself and Others - The Portal and I « EQAFE

It is easy for us to see only the bad or only the good in ourselves and others - what does it mean to see the more? Sunette shares her experience with learning how to see beyond the limitations, flaws, and judgments of herself and others to see the potential and the more that is often missed.
Valentin Rozman
06.03.2018 20:23 (Mar 06, 2018)

When the Mind Overtakes the Being in Life - Death Research « EQAFE

What remains of us at the end of our lives when all of our focus and attention had been placed on emotions, beliefs, and relationships existing only in our minds, instead of relationships that bring us back in touch with ourselves, with people, and with the world around us? A being from the afterlife shares their experience of crossing over after living a life of absolute dedication to relig...
Valentin Rozman
06.03.2018 20:23 (Mar 06, 2018)

My Relationships Were Based Only On Emotion and Belief - Death Research « EQAFE

A being from the afterlife shares the consequences of living a life without deep, intimate relationships with other people, and having strong religious convictions and nothing else throughout his life. What is the difference between creating relationships of emotion and belief which only exist in our minds, and having actual connections with people? Are we seeing ourselves and others as who ...
Valentin Rozman
04.03.2018 19:18 (Mar 04, 2018)

Lessons Learned from Isolation - Quantum Physical « EQAFE

Is isolation only about keeping others away, or is there also a dimension of us not wanting to be open with ourselves? What part did the need for control play in keeping the isolation in place while creating unrealistic expectations for themselves and others? Can just being yourself really be the key to being able to break through the isolation? Continuing the real life case study of a pe...
Valentin Rozman
02.03.2018 21:17 (Mar 02, 2018)

It is Not About Oneness but About Living - The Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 121 « EQAFE

Many have had experiences of feeling at one with all life, or for a moment being connected to all of existence in a state of utopia and harmony with all things. But this begs the question - are those momentary experiences of oneness real if that is not how we actually live day in and day out? What does it mean to express ourselves within the oneness and equality that we already are, instead ...
Valentin Rozman
01.03.2018 20:46 (Mar 01, 2018)

Redefining Truth and Lies - Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 120 « EQAFE

Who would you be if all the energy you expend right now on hiding, suppressing, and judging the bad parts of yourself was instead used to share, expand, and create? How do we know what is true and what is a lie if we associate moral judgments to these words that are based on personal judgments instead of what is actually here in reality? Destonians discuss in this interview how they redef...
Valentin Rozman
01.03.2018 08:25 (Mar 01, 2018)

A Web of Lies Spun on Polished Threads of Truth - The Crucifixion of Jesus - Part 119 « EQ

What tangled webs we weave - especially when we gloss over the truth of our past with polished strands of lies. Why is it that we see so many versions of manipulated and inaccurate historical accounts, and what does that reflect to us about our tendency to rewrite or paint over the facts of our personal pasts? Can we ever really learn from our history if we are not telling ourselves the truth?
Valentin Rozman
27.02.2018 21:28 (Feb 27, 2018)

Using Your Body with Living Words - YouTube

Does your body know something about the words you are trying to live that you don't know? Sunette shares how we can use our physical bodies and expressions a...


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